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The Power of Leadership Transformation

How do you motivate your team to view themselves as a leader regardless of their title? What can be done to build powerful leaders from within? How will better leadership at every level improve your performance?


Each leadership course is custom designed for your event or objective, we look at the most effective forms of powerful leadership from the vantage point of the follower.


Together, we explore: The Three Types of Power: Coercive, Utility, and Legitimate Legitimate Power.


Master the 10-Power Tools of Legitimate Leadership


How to Obtain the Must-Have of Leadership: Executive Intelligence

The three disciplines: leadership, entrepreneurship, productivity

As a professional, identifying and applying certain disciplines can help you take “ownership” of your career and reach your true potential. As an organization, you can build an army of motivated entrepreneurs who’ll propel you to new heights.

In this session you and your team will discover The Three Disciplines and how to apply them individually and collectively:

The Solution-Seeker
The Detective
The Legitimate-Leader
The Great Communicator
The Risk-Taker
The Youthful Genius
The Work-Horse
The Thick-Skin
The Focused & Flexible
The People-Person
The Knowledge-Quest

How Great Companies Survive and Thrive

In today’s fast-paced environment only the entrepreneurial minded companies will survive and thrive for years to come. Together, we explore how great companies accomplish this and how you can ensure not only survival but dynamic growth and evolution.

They survived and evolved with innovation, passion, grit, creativity, flexibility, optimism, fun, failure, excitement and camaraderie. It was exciting, adventurous, risky, and invigorating.

Over time, growth, profits, shareholders, politics, policies, and corporate structure, replaced the entrepreneurial spirit, wounding many great companies so deeply they were never the same.


How does a company like Nokia start out as a paper company and transform itself into a leading cell phone manufacturer over 150 years?

Why do most successful companies look completely different than their original plan predicted?

Explore and learn from valuable case studies of leading companies who have successfully evolved from one model to another under market pressures.

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